Varsity Pins - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

All the things you ever wanted to know… and some you didn’t

Can we make reservations?

First come, first serve! No mercies, game on.

Are there age restrictions?

On Friday and Saturday nights, it is +21 after 6PM! All Ages the rest of the time (All minors need to have an adult present)

Do you reserve space for events?

Head over to our event form at the top of the website and we will present you with some party options for 8 people or more! We do not reserve spaces for any party size on Friday and Saturday nights.

Do you have food?

Currently, Varsity Pins does not have any food made in house. However! Our sister business The City Forum has The Streatery kitchen that services the Varsity Pins area!

How much for priceless memories?

DUCKPIN BOWLING | $25 an hour for 1 lane (Wed/Thurs), $35 and hour for 1 lane (Fri/Sat/Sun)
ALL PINBALL | $1/game

Do you have duckpin leagues?

You wanna create one? Once enough allstars are signed up, we will launch and host in the spring and winter.

Do I need socks?

Everyone needs socks, but not for duckpin bowling! Wear whatcha wanna, but just know, you might need to be somewhat athletic unless you’re boring and just chill at the bar.

How long and how many?

4-6 on one lane or you can even break into teams amongst two lanes, let’s get crazy! It takes about 30-60 minutes per game!

Can I bring in decorations?

Nah, but book an event and we will talk! Absolutely no balloons! They always end up in our ceiling, which we can’t get down, and that’s ugly.